ACLAMO Family Centers

Posted April 30th, 2014 at 10:58 am.

Acción Comunal Latinoamericana de Montgomery County (ACLAMO), located in Norristown, is the only bi-lingual social service agency in Montgomery County.  Since 1976 ACLAMO has worked to promote improved access to economic, health, educational, social and cultural opportunities for low-income individuals and families in Montgomery County, especially those of Spanish speaking background.  ACLAMO offers low-income Latinos access to programs in employment, housing, supplementary education/drop-out prevention, family literacy, early prenatal care and primary care health services and parenting education.

Students from Bryn Mawr College have been connected to ACLAMO since 2004 through various volunteer and internship opportunities.

*This volunteer opportunity is also available as a community-based work study program through Bryn Mawr.


Phone: 610-277-2570

*For info about Bryn Mawr-sponsored volunteer opportunities with ACLAMO, contact Ellie Esmond at or 610-526-6591.

Location: 512 West Marshall Street, Norristown, PA 19401 (Click here for map)

*This site is accessible via public transportation from the Bryn Mawr campus.

Please see transportation reimbursement policy.

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